Designed for Community

 At Outer Green we show you that style and sustainability are in no way mutually exclusive! Our lodge was built with an artistic eye and its layout is one of a kind, designed specifically with a hybrid communal and private space layout. That means you can hang out and share stories about your trip, ask your host questions over coffee or relax with some private time on your porch, its up to you.

“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.”
— Joseph Campbell

Our communal-space

 Each of our communal spaces has a slightly different “feel” to accommodate the different needs for collaborative space.  By acknowledging these differences in types of supportive space we have been able to organize our communal spaces to support our diverse needs as well as those of our guests.

The Lodge

First Floor

The main floor is where we greet all our guests, where we cook our meals, where we engage in a lot of conversations.  This is our most active communal environment which means; this is where you’ll most likely run into fellow community mates, visitors and friends.

Second Floor

Our second floor is a step removed, space here is still shared but more passively than the activity of the 1st floor. You may find yourself reading a book while someone else is working on the computer, or a drawing, maybe doing some yoga or stretching. You might seek this space out to have a one on one conversation over tea or to find a late night movie to watch.  

From start to finish.. see our home grow